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Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life by Mark ScharenbroichNice BikeNice Book

It’s All About Making Connections.

Are your people fully connected to the mission,
each other and the customer?

Strong connections are vital in our lives, yet in today’s “virtual world” it is often difficult to make meaningful connections.

Audience members continually note that his Nice Bike messages take them on a roller coaster ride experience with stories that touch the heart, brilliant comedic timing and actionable strategies. Plus, it is motivating, fun and engaging. When team members are truly connected – retention improves, sales increase, customer loyalty soars and your business grows.

Emmy award winner, Hall of Fame keynote speaker and entertainer, Mark developed the Nice Bike metaphor to drive home the power of connecting in a more genuine way. Part motivational keynote speaker, part thought-provoker and pure entertainer – Mark delivers every time.

“If you want to energize your business,
then engage your people.”


“Boomba Hey”and “Hey, Nice Bike” are © 2008–2018 Scharenbroich & Associates. All rights reserved.

“Boomba Hey”and “Hey, Nice Bike” are © 2008–2018 Scharenbroich & Associates. All rights reserved.

What do 500 seasoned event planners — who have seen every speaker under the sun — have to say about Mark Scharenbroich?

Connections Drive


What Does “Nice Bike” Mean?

Quite by accident, Mark Scharenbroich stumbled onto the Harley-Davidson company’s 100th year anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Driving his beige rental car around thousands of black leather, bandana wearing, hardcore Harley riders, Mark kept noticing the two words that really connected rider to rider … ”nice bike.”

More than passing compliment, Nice Bike is a powerful, memorable principle that acts as a catalyst to help build stronger, more effective teams.

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— John Donahoe, CEO, eBay

“Mark is one of the most engaging,
effective speakers I have come across.”

— John Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo

“An original, the best speaker I’ve ever heard.”

— Sue Steen, CEO SERVPRO Industries

“Nice Bike is a life changing philosophy that is
simple to apply in everyday situations.”

Acknowledge, Honor, Connect with Nice Bike

Credentials are important. Mark’s profile tells the story of this award-winning author, National Speakers Hall of Fame inductee and winner of international film awards who is the veteran of more than 4,000 speaking engagements.

A motivational speaker needs not only experience and credentials, but rave reviews and a custom approach to each speaking engagement. Call Sue Scharenbroich at 612-802-4051 or contact Nice Bike for more information or to book a speaking engagement.

Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life

The Nice Bike book is a collection of stories based on making meaningful connections with others in both work and in life. It’s about being a part of a community, knowing that contributions matter and experiencing a greater affiliation with others. | READ MORE ABOUT NICE BIKE BOOK


Master Motivational Speaker

U.S. Army
Wells Fargo
Allstate Insurance
Proctor & Gamble
Boston Scientific
Andersen Windows
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Million Dollar Round Table
Caribou Coffee
Voya Financial
Pilot Travel Centers
American Family Insurance
ING Financial
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