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Mark Scharenbroich is an award winning keynote speaker using humor to convey a motivational concept called Nice Bike. Call us at 952-939-9080 to book an event.

“O Captain, My Captain!”

Throughout my speaking career, I've been inspired by teachers who find unique and creative ways to connect with their students — motivating them to “challenge the common” and seek excellence. One such teacher, Angela Stoker of Las Vegas, Nevada, recently sent me [...]

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What I Learned from Mark Scharenbroich

I recently had the opportunity to listen to speaker Laurie Guest.  Not only is she an amazing person, she is also one of my absolute favorite speakers.  Laurie is super bright, funny and insightful.  She posted a blog entitled:  What [...]

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How Thanking Veterans Can Become a Great Tradition

One day, I was catching a flight out of the Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, California. As I pulled up to the airport, I noticed a crowd of hundreds of people, news cameras, a fire truck with a huge American [...]

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Marquette, Apartment #15, and a cool guy named Pat

The following story came from one of my clients who had me speak at his event. Duke recalled how a connection to the past moved him to Nice Bike someone at his alma mater. I think you'll enjoy it as much as [...]

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Thanks for Serving — A “Nice Bike” Memorial Day Tribute

Note: This post is an excerpt from my book, Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road to Life. In fact, this is almost the entire last chapter of the book! And it's a perfect post to honor our military [...]

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700 Candy Canes: A “Nice Bike” Christmas Story

You never know when you might create an important connection with someone that could change your life or theirs. And sometimes, you might be making a connection and not even realize it. My parents were named Norbert and Agnes, but [...]

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Homemade Italian: Honoring Nonna’s Cooking

The best dishes, from recipes handed down generation to generation, are served randomly throughout the week. The food is authentic Italian, full-flavored and made with love (and without a microwave). The grandmothers relish their time with the staff and customers.

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