“Nice Bike” is going out of your way
to let people know that they matter.

It’s saying something positive to someone, instead of just thinking about it. It’s noticing others’ contributions. It’s listening. It’s taking action. It’s connecting genuinely with those around you. “Hey, Nice Bike!”

“O Captain, My Captain!”

Throughout my speaking career, I've been inspired by teachers who find unique and creative ways to connect with their students — motivating them to “challenge the common” and seek excellence. One such teacher, Angela Stoker of Las [...]

What I Learned from Mark Scharenbroich

I recently had the opportunity to listen to speaker Laurie Guest.  Not only is she an amazing person, she is also one of my absolute favorite speakers.  Laurie is super bright, funny and insightful.  She [...]

An Interview with Mark

I am a lucky guy. I am in love with my bride of 38 years, Susan, and I feel very fortunate to work with her in the development of my career. Our work together gives me the [...]

Happy Halloween! A Witch’s Welcome

Acknowledging is stepping out, honoring someone with what’s important to them, and creating a connection. One of my favorite examples of this occurred at one of our Halloween celebrations in our home. My wife, Sue, and I love Halloween. [...]

I’m Living the Dream!

If you’ve heard one of my keynote speeches or read my book, Nice Bike, you’ll remember one of my favorite stories is about a shop teacher I had in high school, Leroy Radovich.  Leroy taught [...]

What’s Your 13th Donut?

I recently spoke to VARTECH’s Annual BlueStar Conference and was pleased to see this write up of the speech by Jim Roddy. Jim grabbed some of the highlights from my speech and presents them in way I think [...]

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