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Education Motivational Speaker

It’s about connections…when educators are truly connected as a team; good performing schools turn into award-winning schools. When teachers are connected to their students, test scores improve and students thrive.

As an education motivational speaker in more than 3,500 school districts throughout North America, Mark Scharenbroich shares powerful stories of how school leaders have transformed their buildings into Schools of Excellence by creating a culture where staff and students feel truly connected. Hiring an Emmy award-winning keynote speaker is the perfect choice for your state or national education conference or to help you kick off the year for your K-12 staff. Mark shares heartfelt stories about powerful educators and their lasting impact. The presentation reaffirms, validates and inspires today’s schoolhouse leaders.



“Boomba Hey” and “Hey, Nice Bike” are ©2008–2017 Scharenbroich & Associates. All rights reserved.

Education Presentations

As an entertaining motivational speaker, Mark offers the best of two worlds: that of entertainer, and that of motivator. Mark customizes each presentation to make sure that your audience will walk away with the tools they need to connect with students and improve student achievement.

KEYNOTE: Nice Bike — Making Meaningful Connections

In his role as an education motivational speaker, Mark offers an engaging keynote presentation supporting educators and giving them solid insights on how to inspire their students. His Nice Bike metaphor helps them acknowledge, honor and connect with their students to improve student achievement.

WORKSHOP: Building Connections — 100 Ideas to Improve School Climate

According to a Minneapolis-based research organization, Search Institute, a study done on healthy youth shows that only 29% of middle and high school students feel that their school provides a caring, encouraging environment. When students have a strong, positive connection to their school, academic results follow.

After speaking in more than 3,500 school districts across North America, Mark has discovered the keys to improving school climate that result in improved performance. Mark will take the audience on a visual tour of amazing schools that illustrate how to connect students through improving school climate. Solid content delivered by an expert in the field. Mark offers this presentation as a breakout session or follow-up program.

Mark Scharenbroich - Education Motivational Speaker

“Mark‘s research, content, and delivery are laser accurate.”

— Denis Waitley, Ph.D. Author, The Psychology of Winning and The Seeds of Greatness


“The audience was captivated by your words.”

— Dr. Ron Wimmer, Superintendent, Olathe District Schools (Kansas)


“Your keynote was absolutely unforgettable.”

— Denis Van Doorn, President, California Association of Directors of Activities


“... your message is one that needs to be shared.”

— Kent King, Executive Director, Missouri State Teachers Association

Event Planner Details

If you are the meeting planner of an education event, you probably have a lot on your plate. Here are some handy links to make your life easier:

Advance Promotional Copy

For distribution prior to the event (220-word Description):

“Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections” – Word version | PDF version

On-Site Speaker Introduction

This is for your leader or other organizational person to use on site on the day of the keynote. Don’t worry — it includes helpful instructions on how to pronounce the name Scharenbroich.

 Word version | PDF version

AV Requirements

For a keynote presentation:

  • Hand held microphone. Please note: Not a lavaliere or headset microphone
  • Black music stand. Please contact us if you have a problem locating one.
  • Riser or stage in the front of the room. Placement should be no more than 10 feet from the front row.
  • Stage lighting. In an audience of 200 people or more or in a darkly lit ballroom, stage lighting is a must. Mark creates a number of characters with facial expressions and the audience needs to see him fully lit. Please call 612-802-4051 or contact our office with questions.
  • No PowerPoint support required.
  • Background Screen: During Mark’s presentation, the screen image should either be your school district’s or organization’s logo or your event’s theme slide.

For a Workshop or Breakout Sesssion:

  • Hand held microphone (not a lavaliere)
  • LCD projector
  • Large screen (bigger is better)
  • Mark will bring his own Mac laptop and appropriate connections.


The photos shown below are all high resolution so you may click and grab (right-click) the ones you want. You may also use our convenient zip files and download the first three: Mark Scharenbroich photos (.zip) or second three: Mark Scharenbroich photos 2 (.zip)

Suggested Titles

Mark’s keynote title can be customized to fit your program needs:

  • Nice Bike: Making Connections That Move People
  • Nice Bike: The Wheels to Improve Student Achievement
  • Nice Bike: The Drive to Improve Student Achievement
  • Building Connections to Improve Student Achievement

In the News

2017 Review of Mark speaking to Educators

Click the image above to read or download the article as a PDF, of read the online edition here.

Nice Bike Book

Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life From a reader who was moved to quote Mark’s book, Nice Bike in a letter to the editor of the Tuscola County Advertiser ( . . . “Dear Editor: I am writing about the current funding/teacher crisis that is happening in Caro (MI) schools. It is not business as usual and unless all employees of Caro schools look beyond themselves, face reality and band together for the good of the kids to make a better school, circumstances will only get worse. To quote from the book Nice Bike by Mark Scharenbroich . . . ‘You need to have some core beliefs.’ [Read full article]

Mark Scharenbroich Answers Educators’ FAQs

Which education groups have you addressed?

  • 20 State School Board Associations
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals  NASSP
  • American Association of School Administrators
  • National FFA Convention
  • National Assistant Principal of the Year Award Program
  • National School Public Relations Association Conference
  • National Athletic Directors Conference
  • National Federation of State High School Activities Association
  • Department of Defense Schools in Germany and Panama  
  • International School conferences in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Panama and several Department of Defense School Conferences. 

Mark also speaks at K-12 staff in-service programs. His main focus is on the relationship pillar of Dr. Willard Daggett’s “Three Rs” application model (Rigor, Relevancy and Relationships).

Mark also addresses a limited number of state and national student leadership conferences.

How are you different from other speakers?

There are a few things that make Mark different …

• Experience: 30 years in the speaking profession, delivering presentations in more than 3,500 school districts.

• Expertise: Having worked with the top school districts across North America, he knows what a great school looks and feels like and shares concrete ideas that improve school climate and culture.

• Engagement: Through his use of humor, stories and relevant messages, Mark is able to effectively reach everyone from a school board member, high school student, support staff, first year teacher or 30-year veteran educator.

Where’s the best position to use you at our event?

Most people position Mark to open a meeting to set the tone, establish the theme and get people connected from the very first moment. As your closing speaker, he’ll summarize the meeting and end it on a high note.

Most keynote presentations run approximately 60-90 minutes. K-12 staff in-service events run 75-90 minutes. Breakouts are also usually 75-90 minutes. Mark is flexible. It depends on your objective and schedule. Please consult with us at Nice Bike before you decide on a final agenda.

What’s with the Boomba Hey?

Mark began his career speaking in high school gymnasiums years ago. Since his message to high school students was about being more engaged in their school experience, he ended the program with an interactive activity called Boomba Hey. He divided the students in half with one side cheering “Boomba” and the other half “Hey.” Mark would direct them in a fun chorus and would end with them cheering out the name of their school. Students always got involved in it. However, not only do students enjoy it, educators love it too. It sounds lame, but it works. Every show needs a Big Finish! The fun part is to run into students who heard Mark speak 20 years ago and they ask him, “Are you the Boomba Hey guy?”

What do the initials CSP and CPAE after your name mean?

The National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame awards its CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) to members who have been recognized by their peers for excellence in the speaking profession. Fewer than 150 active members are Hall of Fame inductees. Mark also earned the NSA Certified Speaking Professional/CSP designation that is earned by less than 10% of speakers in the association.

Mom’s Apple Pie comedy troupe: mark Scharenbroich’s first gig
Mark Scharenbroich performing with Mom’s Apple Pie
Mark Scharenbroich in Mom's Apple Pie Comedy Troupe
The Greatest Days of Your Life So Far
NSA hall of fame keynote speaker, Mark Scharenbroich
NSA hall of fame keynote speaker, Mark Scharenbroich
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“Boomba Hey” and “Hey, Nice Bike” are ©2008–2017 Scharenbroich & Associates. All rights reserved.

Testimonials from Educators

National Association of Secondary School Principals

There is magic about his performance… Mark is the pure definition of a professional, bringing powerful content-delivered in an exceptionally entertaining way.” —Gerry Tirozzi, Executive Director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

National School Public Relations Association

“You were a home run with my members, as our evaluations are telling us. You were thoughtful, motivational and witty. In other words, they loved you! Some said you were the best keynoter we’ve ever had, and that’s a mighty compliment, as we have had some major keynote stars over the past five years.” —Rich Bagin, Executive Director, National School Public Relations Association

Pennsylvania School Boards Association

“Mark was the buzz of the conference, and his feature workshop later in the day was packed.—Cindy Coker Pace, Assistant Executive Director for Communications, Pennsylvania School Boards Association

Conejo Valley Unified School District

“All 1,500 strong were so impressed with your message, your humor and your humanity. Clearly, this was the best back-to-school event this district has ever had.—Dr. Jerry Gross, Superintendent, Conejo Valley Unified School District (California)

Mesa Public Schools, Arizona

“Your poignant comments and stories went far beyond entertainment. They touched our hearts and helped each of us refocus on our desires to help individual students succeed.—Dr. Michael Cowan, Associate Superintendent, Mesa School District (Arizona)

On Mark Scharenbroich

On the Scharenbroich Mantel

  • Emmy award for an ABC TV special
  • Axiom Business Book Award (Gold, 2011, Category: Coaching/Mentoring) for Nice Bike
  • Ben Franklin Book Award (Silver, 2011, Category: Psychology) for Nice Bike
  • National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame inductee (Council of Peers Award of Excellence)
  • National Speakers Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
  • Golden Apple and Silver Screen award for the film, “The Greatest Days of Your Life … So Far”
  • Telly, Remi, Aurora and International Health and Medical Film awards as performer/writer/producer of several video programs
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